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Jul 17, 2019 | Lips

Are you bored with your classic plain lipstick color?

Do you want to take your makeup artistry skills to the next level and master the Ombre lips?

When we talk about Ombre lips, we’re talking about a piece of art. It’s an amazing technique to give depth and dimension to the lips; it can even make them look fuller. It grabs the attention of everyone because it’s just different and striking. This technique is something you don’t do quickly. The truth is that the Ombre effect needs your patience and precision to show at its best. Normally when you hear Ombre lips you think about 2 shades of lipstick fading into each other, the darker being the outline of the lips and the lighter is, of course, the inner shade. That is true, however, Ombre lips effect can take a lot more styles than that but in every style it’s all about Definition and Gradient.


Master the Classic Ombre Lips:

The most important things to keep in mind here is to Start with soft lips. There’s nothing worse than Ombre on chapped lips! Apply a scrub on your lips to soften the lips then moisturize your lips with a clear lip balm to allow a smooth ombre blending of color.

Apply Concealer on your lips. This will help unify your lip color if you have lip pigmentation, otherwise you can skip this step.

Also, it is very important to use a dark lip liner here. Your lip liner on the outer edges will keep your lips from bleeding and the darker it is the clearer your gradient will be. A gradient look can be achieved with liquid lipstick or with any other lipstick.

Decide on the color combination for the ombre effect you want to achieve. You can go for wearable colors or contrasting colors. For a wearable Ombre look, pick 2 shades of the same color, one dark and one light. If you want a more intense Ombre look, go for contrasting colors. I’ll list down at the end of this post my favorite Ombre color combinations for both a wearable look and a Vibrant look.


Whatever colors you decided on, follow these 4 Basic Steps and get ready for a stunning Classic Ombre lip look:
  • Use a dark color lip liner to create a line around the edges of your lips. Add more of this dark lip liner to the corners of your lips bringing it in towards the middle, without touching the center. Leave the center of both lips clear for the light shade. You can also outline the lips and skip outlining the top edge of your upper lip, only from the centre.
  • Apply the light color using your lipstick to the center of both lips.
  • Smack your lips together once and then pull them apart so that you create a gradient effect. You can also use a flat brush to blend the liner into the lighter color to soften the edges of the two colors gradually or tap on the edges with your finger. Do whatever feels comfortable to you to achieve that smooth fading.
  • Use a small lip brush with a bit of concealer to go around the edges to sharpen up the lip line and give your lips clean edges. You can add a gloss to the center of the lower lip to give it more of a pouty look.

That’s it! You’re done!


Other Fancy Ombre Lip Styles:


  • The Vertical Blend

In this method, the dark color from the upper lip shifts gradually into the lightest color on the lower lip, creating a vertical shift of colors. To achieve this look you need to line your upper lip with your dark lip color and line your lower lip with the light shade. Fill your upper lip as you normally do and fill your lower lip with the light color leaving a space at the whole upper part of the lower lip. Fill this part with the darker color and blend softly.


  • The Horizontal Blend

In this method the dark color from the corner of one side of your lips shifts gradually into the lightest color on the other corner side of your lips, so the final look is a horizontal shift of colors. To achieve this effect you need at least 3 shades of the same color; dark, medium and light or 3 totally different colors. Line your lips with a lip liner that matches your chosen lip color for each part. Fill your lips with the three colors bearing in mind to color the upper and lower lip with the same shade for each part. Then blend the hard edges of the two adjacent colors with a small lip brush. You can add more than three colors if you wish.


  • The Two Tone Gradation – Popsicle Ombre

The inner parts of your lips have one color and the outer parts have another color. Usually it’s red on the inside and nude on the outside as if you had an ice popsicle! It’s a very common trend in East Asian countries.

To achieve it, you need to line your lips with a concealer or a very light nude color.

  1. Apply a clear lip moisturizer.
  2. Apply the lipstick at the centre of your lips. Ideally your lipstick can be red or any bright color to contrast well with the outer nude color.
  3. Now lightly use your fingers to blend the bright color out from the centre.


Do the classic or vertical ombre lips then apply glitter glue on a brush onto your lips, then using another brush apply glitter onto your lips. You can apply the glue and the glitter on the centers of your lips to get a different look.


  • The Metallic Ombre

You can do the classic, vertical or horizontal ombre with your lipstick and use the other color as a metallic liquid lipstick.


  • The Highlighter Ombre

Do the classic Ombre Style then using a small brush, apply highlighter on the centers of both lips.

Another way is to do your regular classic ombre lip and just add a light shimmer eyeshadow to the inner part of both lips with a brush.


  • The Edgy new Ombre

This style is very trendy right now. The corners of the mouth are very dark, almost black  acting like a vignette effect. You can pick two shades of the same color and achieve this look easily.


Ombre Wearable Color Combinations:


  • Pink Purple Ombre

The color goes from medium dark purple on the outer edges and fades into a nice light pink on the inner part.


  • Brown Nude Ombre

The outline of the lips is a dark brown which fades into a very light nude color.


  • Pink Nude Ombre

The outline of the lips is a dark or medium pink which fades into a very light nude color.


  • Red Nude Ombre

The same method as the one used for brown nude Ombre.


  • Subtle Shift Nude

The color goes a bit lighter on the centre of both lips.


Ombre Contrasting Color Combinations:


  • Smoldering Purple Ombre

Line the outer edges of your lips with black leaving the middle part of your upper lips. Fill your lips with a creamy purple shade. Add a white shade from an eye pencil to the center of your lower lip then blend the hard edges anywhere.

  • Metallic Mermaid

Line your lips with a green lip liner. Start filling your lips with blue lipstick on the corners of your lips then fill with green lipstick next. Add a gold highlighter or gold shimmer eyeshadow to the top of your upper lip and the middle of your lower lip as you can see in the image.

  • Black and White

Do the classic Ombre lip only this time using black and white colors. You can use eye pencils to achieve this look.

Basically the Color and style combinations are endless. You can do matt, glossy, glittery, rainbow, two tone, Four tone..etc but no one can deny that the Ombre Lip style is truly a statement. It brings all the attention to the lips and best achieved when you keep your eye makeup minimal. Many Makeup Brands are stepping up for this trend such as NYX, La Neige, Maybelline, Revlon, Smashbox, Dior and many more. They created dual color lipsticks to help you not only easily achieve an ombre effect for your lips, but also to take away your confusion in figuring out the best combinations for mostly wearable and sometimes contrasting ombre lip colors.

How do you like this trend? Are you going to give this ombré lip a try?


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