How to apply winged eyeliner?

Jul 22, 2019 | Eyes

Doing winged eyeliner is truly a work of art. Getting your wings to match perfectly takes a lot of commitment and trial and error, but if you’re dedicated enough, it’ll soon feel almost natural. It doesn’t happen overnight, you have to go through a lot until you figure out what works best for you. In fact, makeup remover wipes and cotton swabs will be your best friends for a very long time, but the payoff is definitely worth it. You need to be patient, and I mean really patient. Trying to master the winged liner 5 minutes before leaving home is not a good decision. That’s why you need to allocate time for this task during your free time.

There are many different ways to apply winged eyeliner and many different products you can use to do so. My favorite eyeliner product is gel liner, with liquid liner on top. The gel-based pot eyeliner is great for pulling off an easy, sharp winged look that easily glides on. The liquid liner on top of the gel makes the black more intense and leaves a crisp, sharp line. If you’d like to know which eyeliner type is the best for you check out my blog post about Eyeliner Types.


How to wing it using the Gel Liner?

Using the gel liner and a flat tip brush, could be flat angle brush as well.

Find the correct angle for the wing by placing your brush in line with the edge of your nostril, pointing up to the tail of your brow. That is the line that your wing is going to form. Grab a nude pencil and mark it on both sides so that your wings will be even.

If you have a limited eyelid space, hooded eyes (when your crease is hidden under your browbone) or even deep set eyes (your browbone at the edge appears more noticeable due to the deep setting of the eyes), do the wing outwards instead of upwards. AVOID touching your crease fold. If you do it upwards, when you open your eyes it’s going to have a cut with your natural crease fold and will make it look unflattering and weird.

Pick up a little bit of product on both sides of the flat brush, wipe it off, look straight into the mirror leveling your nose, you can use your pinkie as a balancing point. Start with the bottom lashline corner of your eye, with your brush make a thin line and make a little flick outwards, you can start with making little flicks instead of one dramatic flick so you can control how the liner goes and avoid making errors. You need to avoid ending the line with a lot of pressure on your brush. The most pressure should be right when you start drawing it and the least pressure should be towards the end of the line. You want your eyeliner to go into nothing and disappear so you don’t have a big tip of liner all the way at the end. Start with a short line and you can elongate it later. Now to close the line, add more product wiping off the excess, then start two thirds of the way from the outward line the opposite way towards the third corner of your lashline. Look straight downwards into your mirror and get into the inner part holding your brush sideways using the whole flat brush from the side instead of the tip.

If you like to make your wing bigger, start from the outer triangle that you have just created with your wing liner and with your wet brush flick it outwards very slowly.


How to use the Liquid Liner?

Liquid liner is very watery. When you first pull the brush out of the bottle there’s going to be a big glop on the tip of the liner brush. Wipe off the excess so the brush is flat.

Make a line on the back of your hand to make sure that the line is nice.

It is very similar in the way you apply it as you would with the gel liner, but you have to keep in mind one important thing. You need to look down to the mirror with your chin up and keep this position for nearly a minute. If you looked upwards or sideways your liquid liner will transfer into your crease and the winged liner look will be ruined.

Liquid eyeliner has a water-like formula, so it can take some time for it to dry on the lid which is why it is better to be used by those who have more experience with eyeliner. Remember the key is to keep your eyelid low or closed until it dries. On the other hand, liquid eyeliner, (unless waterproof) is great for beginners in one way. It can be easy to fix a mistake with it using a wet cotton swab. Liquid eyeliner comes in many different types of brush tips, sizes, colors, and formulas, so it’s always a good idea to experiment until you find a favorite!


Using the Felt Tip Liner

You need to keep shaking the product to get the product to go down into the tip. Apply it the same way you use a brush for the gel or liquid liner but make sure that you use all the space on the felt tip. You cannot go directly into the eye like a marker because the majority of the product is on the whole felt tip. Lay the brush tip flat on one side and use the entire space to create the line.

Felt tips dry quicker than the liquid liner. You still want to make sure that it dries completely before moving or opening your eyes. Felt tips are a bit stickier to the crease if they transfer.

They are quicker than other options though, and many beginners prefer to use felt tips for their ease and perfect sharp lines.


Using the Pencil Liner

Pencil liners should always be sharpened before application. They make much thicker lines than the other options. Eyeline with it the same way but it will be a bit harder to achieve the wing and takes more time than the felt, gel and liquid options. Do not worry about the bottom part of the wing being perfect. You can go in with the concealer to make it look more precise and sharp.

I really hope that was helpful. If you end up trying any eyeliner option out and you found it’s working, please let me know down below!



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